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Mar 8, 2019 How To Ensure Inner Peace Of Mind As A Busy Manager While staying productive on the job is critical for good management, so is self-care. Jan 30, 2019 A Guide To Facebook Advertising For Young Entrepreneurs No matter the goals of your campaign, there are plenty of ad types and targeting techniques to choose from. Dec 11, 2018 Six Ways To Recognize A Good Marketing Agency Wh...

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Magazine Affiliate Summit East New York


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Social Media Activity

Check my Social Media activity on: Twitter: klewer8 Linkedin: Paweł-Kijko Quora

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Blog Posts and Roundups

Some of my blog posts and roundups which I attended: "SEO Experts Share Their Best Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic in 2017", „Experts Share their Best Visual Marketing Tips for Branding go Design Team”, "Experts Discuss the Future of Mobile Marketing and Audience EngagementAnimated Video”, "5 Great Tips That Every Freelancer Should Follow", „Branding Experts Discuss How To Grow a...

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