Affiliate Summit East – Nowy Jork – Hotel Mariott Marquis, Broadway, Manhattan

Affiliate Summit runs the biggest performance marketing events in the world. Attendees can expect to network and learn from top companies and key decision makers from the affiliate marketing industry. I had the pleasure to be one of the speakers and talked about how you can use the global trends of Google to better promote your company. I talked about, among others: voice search in G... Read more

Forbes Communications Council writer

Mar 8, 2019 How To Ensure Inner Peace Of Mind As A Busy Manager While staying productive on the job is critical for good management, so is self-care. Jan 30, 2019 A Guide To Facebook Advertising For Young Entrepreneurs No matter the goals of your campaign, there are plenty of ad types and targeting techniques to choose from. Dec 11, 2018 Six Ways To Recognize A Good Marketing Agency Wh... Read more

Magazine Affiliate Summit East New York Read more

RankRanger – a Good Alternative to SEMrush

Today, I would like to introduce a tool that everyone who deals with SEO should be familiar with. It is not only an excellent analytical machine but also an invaluable help for positioners. RankRanger, because it is in question, even offers the possibility to build their tools into its reports. Looking at the website itself, one can see that the company takes a professional approach to its users, ... Read more
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Social Media Activity

Check my Social Media activity on: Twitter: klewer8 Linkedin: Paweł-Kijko Quora Read more
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Blog Posts and Roundups

Some of my blog posts and roundups which I attended: "SEO Experts Share Their Best Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic in 2017", „Experts Share their Best Visual Marketing Tips for Branding go Design Team”, "Experts Discuss the Future of Mobile Marketing and Audience EngagementAnimated Video”, "5 Great Tips That Every Freelancer Should Follow", „Branding Experts Discuss How To Grow a... Read more
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Polish vocabulary for marketers translated into English

Below, I present a list of most popular phrases, words and abbreviations used in marketing in Poland.  Many of those expressions have been borrowed from English. The formula: So let's begin... A/B - A/B - a test method which consists in comparing two versions of a website or a product in order to choose the one that better meets expectations, is friendlier to customers and is bette... Read more

I will implement google AMP on your website

AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages - Google solution for content instant loading on mobile devices. You can read more on the project here If you are not experienced in HTML/JS semantics, you will definitely need some help with setting it up on your website. Some of the benefits of using AMP is: Your website will be displayed above all the blue links, in the news... Read more